Engineering specialization in:

• Liquid-solids separation equipment & Systems
• Mineral beneficiation plants
• Pulp & paper mill equipments
• Petroleum & Oil industry equipments & systems
• Environmental pollution control
• Desalination of seawater/brackish water, reverse osmosis
• Process design & basic engineering
• Detailed engineering
• Project engineering & management
• Project & plant engineering
• Vendor sourcing
• Turnkey construction management
• Erection check-up & commissioning services
• After sales service

Industries served and processes:

• Environmental - water, sewage, waste water plants
• RO & desalination plants
• Air Conditioning
• Petroleum and Refinery
• Sewage & waste water treatment
• Water treatment

Our strengths:

• A company with resources, experience and expertise that aids in streamlining the timely execution of projects.
• Geared to meet the challenges and business demands with technologies and skills
• Ease in adapting to rapidly changing conditions
• Experienced and highly skilled manpower
• Proven products and systems
• Mature technologies
• Manufacturing facility
• Deliver results that exceed expectation


  • Oil refineries utilities
  • Boilers systems
  • Gas production systems
  • Compressed air systems
  • Valves & Piping systems
  • Pumping systems
  • Filtration systems
  • Borehole water treatment
  • More...


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To be obvious in providing globally competitive engineering solutions which provide total customer satisfaction through cost effective proprietary design/ technology for processes, products & systems