Welcome toEngineering Centre UK Ltd.

Engineering Centre (UK) Ltd is in business for consulting and provides services to our client into the field of electromechanical contracts throughout the UK, Europe and Global. Our objective is simple; to give out our customers well and thereby provide the clients with good sustainable returns in the favor of the scheme that has been put up. We aim to ensure all our clients have opportunities to develop their abilities and are satisfied for their contribution to the success of the business. Our policy is to work with our clients the entire contract, recognizing the mutual benefit of satisfying customers' needs. We also aim to fulfill our responsibilities to the communities and environments in which we operate.


As a company we will always deliver the improving quality equipment and materials for our customers with vast product at the maximum quality. We aim to exceed customer expectations for the high standard, safe, updated and developed, recognizing the mutual benefit of satisfying customers' needs.


  • Oil refineries utilities
  • Boilers systems
  • Gas production systems
  • Compressed air systems
  • Valves & Piping systems
  • Pumping systems
  • Filtration systems
  • Borehole water treatment
  • More...


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To be obvious in providing globally competitive engineering solutions which provide total customer satisfaction through cost effective proprietary design/ technology for processes, products & systems